10 Castle Clash Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2022


Castle Clash is a fast-paced multiplayer mobile strategy games where players build and protect their towns, train and upgrade troops, hire powerful heroes and go to battle. There’s a lot to do in this game such as raids, dungeons, wars, arenas, missions, quests and more.

Here’s a list of all the resources in the game:
Gold, Mana, Gems, Honor Badges (HB), Fire, Shards, Merits, Red / Blue Crystals, Might and Fame

This guide will go over some useful Castle Clash tips and tricks that beginners will find helpful. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means and if you feel like I missed something, please leave a comment below. Check out our Castle Clash Gem Farming Guide as well!

1. Don’t Spend Gems Carelessly

Gems are the premium currency of Castle Clash which means the developers won’t reward you with very many at a time. To counter this, make sure you save them for late-game purchases. Don’t spend them to speed up things such as building upgrades. Avoid spending gems on hero talents as well until you have around 5-6 legendary heroes.


2. Complete Daily Activities

Daily Login – rewards the player for every day the sign in to the game, there are a total of 30 rewards that reset after the 30th day. If each reward is collected the player will receive: 990 Gems, 19,900 HB, 7,510,000 Total Exp (Books), 48,000 Total Skill Exp as well as various cards.
Daily Quest – found on the quest board that you can repair once your town hall reaches level 7; the quests reward players with various resources including gems upon completion. The number of quests available each day is dependent on the player’s Might level.


3. Start Completing Achievements

Achievements are a great way to earn resources such as Gems and it’s a good idea to start on them early. Don’t forget to actually collect the rewards though!


4. Don’t Waste Badges on Heroes

The chances of hiring a legendary hero with honor badges is less than 1%, whereas using Gems is 5%, so you’ll want to always roll those with gems. Save the bulk of your HB for upgrading your first legendary.

There are some heroes that can be worthwhile to spend some HB on while waiting for a Legendary. Heroes like Engineer. Marksman, Serpent Queen, Cyclops, Panda, Ice Demon and Shaman may be worth upgrading.


5. Spend Merits Carefully

There’s a list created by players to outline what they believe is the “Best Value” for spending your merits on. The list is as follows: Talent Refresh Card, Dungeon Refresh Card, Purple / Blue Slime Essence, Large / Medium Shard Pack and Hero Slot Cards.

It is recommended that you save the bulk of your merits for when you unlock a few artifacts.


6. Focus on High Tier Heroes

Legendary heroes are going to be the strongest in the game and all of them are strong in certain conditions/situations. It is recommended that you save most of your resources for hiring and upgrading legendary heroes. Everyone’s “top x legendary hero” lists will slightly differ, but here’s a small list of the top heroes to look for: Wallawalla, Anubis, Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, Michael, Dove Keeper, Demogorgon, Heartbreaker and Ghoulem. To see the full list go Here.


7. Building Upgrade Priority

Always have a builder working on your town hall as you’ll want to level that up as soon as possible. The town hall also takes the longest to upgrade and much of the game/benefits are locked when your town hall is under leveled. It may be a good idea to also keep a builder upgrading your gold vault/mine to reduce the time before you can upgrade the hall again. A lazy builder is an unhappy builder!


8. Troop Priority

This is a topic of some debate and it really depends on what play style you enjoy the most. The general consensus is that Guardians, Hunters, Centaurs, Pyromancers and Griffins are very good choices overall. For defense, Hunters / Centaurs / Shotgun Dwarfs are very good at taking out Griffins which most people use.


9. Participate in Guild Events

If you can manage to find an active guild that will take you then you are one step ahead other new players. You’ll want to participate in Torch Battles and really just any Events that you can. You’ll get a lot of honor badges from participating in guild events which will make upgrading your heroes much easier.


10. Do Everything

Unlike some mobile games where the “side” activities don’t reward you with much, in Castle Clash you are rewarded. Get into Arenas ASAP once you have some decent heroes and start fighting. Raiding is the way you’ll be getting most of your resources in the game. Do dungeons to get flames which you need to level your heroes. Here Be Monsters (HBM) is also important later on once you have a decent base/heroes which will be a good source of shards.



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