Clash of Clans – Best BH4 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh4 base designs anti two star with copy link2

Once you’ve reached a Town Hall level of 4 you can repair the broken boat on the shore and visit your Builder Base. Here you’ll find your builder hall that unlocks new buildings for you to place when you upgrade it! Think of it as a second base with another Town Hall, and like your main base you’ll have to defend it well. It’s important to note that your Builder Hall will not start out at level 4There are a total of 9 levels for the Builder hall as well, so plan your upgrades carefully.

Now that’s out of the way it’s time to see some BH4 base designs.

1 bh4 trophy base Atish12

This base was not only created as an anti three star base, but also to counter attacks such as barbarians, giants and more. Not only will it do well against ground units, but the air defenses will keep those pesky air units busy, and they’re placed so that they can’t be picked off easily. As long as you’re being attacked by someone at your level it should do quite well at successfully defending. Source

2. BH4 Base Built by Bol4do hand

2 bh4 trophy base Bol4do hand

Another anti-three star and potentially even anti-two star that gets the job done. At this level most attackers will typically opt for giants/archers, baby dragon spam or even barb spam. This base is quite adept at countering most of the common attack strategies. Source

3. BH4 Base Built by Finite Gamer

3 bh4 trophy base finite gamer

This is anti-three star base uses its walls and unique design in an attempt to control the path the attacker’s troops take. This means your attacker will most likely have to change their plans at least once and most players struggle to think on their feet like that. Source

4. BH4 Base Built by WaterOnFire

4 bh4 trophy base WaterOnFire

A bit of an unorthodox base layout which could potentially cause your attacker to send their units to the wrong areas. It’ll be quite difficult for the attacker to control troop movement and the traps are placed to get the most value from that pathing. The Builder Hall is placed in the center which is something you should always do, to prevent an easy one star. Source



5. BH4 Base Built by ScalaZz

5 bh4 trophy base ScalaZz

A very interesting base design that uses some well placed traps and wall gaps to control enemy units’ pathfinding and send the attackers plan into disarray. Made to counter giants and barbarians specifically and other attack approaches that people may use at this level. Source

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