Clash of Clans – Best BH6 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh6 base designs anti two star with copy link

Hey clash fan, congratulations on making it to Builder Hall 6! I imagine you’re here to see some more awesome BH6 base designs to upgrade from your old one, aye? Well if so, you’re in luck because we have searched high and low to find what we believe to be the best BH6 bases out there. Remember these are bases are public, so it’s only a matter of time before weaknesses are found and you start to lose your versus battles more often than not. If this starts to happen, we recommend trying to change the base up as much as possible or trying another base from this list.

If we’ve missed any bases that you know are strong you can leave us a comment and we’ll check it out. Now let’s see these BH6 bases, shall we? Oh- and good luck with your future battles!

1 bh6 base Leuma5

This is a very sturdy, well built base with a very fortified center core, which I like to see. I really like the air mine positions because at this level night witch attacks are quite common and the bats can be very annoying to deal with. Combine that with the crushers guarding your flanks and you’ve got a recipe for a very tough base. Source

2. BH6 Base Built by CLash To CLash

2 bh6 base CLash To CLash

This base is great at messing with the AI pathfinding and forcing your opponent to be reactionary which often results in one stars max. The core is super fortified with the air bombs, dual cannons, mortars and more. Also the crusher locations are one of my favorite defensive layers this base has. The fact that this design isn’t freely giving away many structures to the attacker is also a nice bonus. Source

3. BH6 Base Built by Base of Clans

3 bh6 base Base of Clans

Because versus battles is such a game of percentages and stars it’s always a good idea to fortify your Builder Hall in the center as much as possible. This base cleverly uses two gaps to try and distract the enemy units as much as possible while your towers pick them off. Remember, night witches are a popular attacking style so make sure you use your air traps effectively. Source

4. BH6 Base Built by COC: The Warrior

4 bh6 base COC The Warrior

This fun little base has four points of “entry” that all have some handy springboard traps on them ready to fling the first unsuspecting unit that steps on it. For that alone, I may have put this base on the list, but it’s also rocking a very well protected core and Builder Hall. One downside I’m not too thrilled about is the fact that it does give some structures (a.k.a. percentage points) away for free, basically. Source

5. BH6 Base Built by AllClash

5 bh6 base allclash

A very symmetrical base that relies heavily on confusing the pathfinding of the attacking troops to send the attacker into panic mode. With some well placed traps and two lovely crushers waiting to greet your enemies, this is definitely a strong base to be sure. If nothing else it does look very pleasing to the eye. Unlike some other designs out there it isn’t freely giving away too many buildings to the attacker either. Source

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