Clash of Clans – Best BH7 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh7 base designs anti everything with copy link

Looking for a great Builder Hall 7 base design to replace your outdated BH6 design or maybe you want to replace your current BH7 base with a new one? Well either way, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. I have searched the world wide web to find some promising BH7 bases and I hope you’ll find these bases useful. At the very least this list should help you save some time manually searching around yourself.

Are you perhaps a base designer yourself and have a design with some replays showcasing it? Well if you are, you may leave a comment below and if it looks good we’ll add it to this list and credit you.

Now, enough chit chat, let’s get into this BH7 bases list.

1 bh7 base AllClash

This is a base that really squeezes the most out of every inch of space and utilizes it very efficiently. As you can see it’s sort of an open ring style design which can confuse enemy unit’s pathfinding and routing. At this level a lot of attackers use night witch spam, so I like the designer keeps the air defenses close to the Town Hall. Source

2. BH7 Base Built by Gogo_12

2 bh7 base Gogo 12

I do love the diamond style look of the base and this one is more closed off than some others that I’ve seen that use this style. I like the positioning of air defenses, which at this level, will probably be quite crucial in many versus battles. All that and a very fortified and walled off Town Hall in the center make this base quite strong. Source

3. BH7 Base Built by The Hide

3 bh7 base The Hide

This base is one I’ve nicknamed “The Wasp” and I cannot un-see it and I hope you can’t either. Aside from the very wasp-head-like shape, this base’s defenses are quite well balanced. There’s a well defended Town Hall in the center and good air defense coverage to deal with the inevitable night witch invasion. From what I can tell this base builder has placed things quite optimally considering how compact the base is. Source

4. BH7 Base Built by Base of Clans

4 bh7 base Base of Clans

This compartment base makes some great use of those walls to keep its sections air-locked from the attacking units which is quite frustrating to deal with most of the time. The town hall is quite well protected by all those firecracker towers and two crushers. Hopefully all of those precautions will keep out those pesky bat swarms. Source

5. BH7 Base Built by Dark Beast

5 bh7 base Dark Beast

A bit of a strange looking design, but I can understand the purpose of this base- to protect the core at all costs. When so many people just spam night witches to win at these higher Builder Hall levels, fortifying the core of your base as much as possible seems to be one of the best ways to try and counter them. Also I like the use of springboard traps to try and catch the attacker off guard. Source

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