Clash of Clans – Best TH14 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th14 base designs war farm cwl trophy with link

Looking for some great TH14 bases to keep the thieves out of your elixir storages? Well you’re in the right place because I’ve searched far and wide to find some great anti three star bases that should be able to get you started. Also keep in mind that at this level attackers will use units that can hit multiple buildings with each hit, so you’ll want to space them out. The recommended CC troops for this level is 1 Lava Hound, 1 Head Hunter and 9 Archers.

Now let’s get into this list of some top tier Town Hall 14 bases.

1 th14 war cwl base clashing n gamesI figured I’d kick this list off with this lovely anti-three star base designed for war. The spacing is nice and will help minimize the damage caused by electro dragons, log launchers, etc. I would be very curious to see how some high level players try and attack this one! Don’t forget to put troops in your Clans Castle as well. Source

2. War/CWL/Trophy Base by Klaus

2 th14 War Trophy base Klaus

I really like the overall look of this base that was designed by someone competing at the highest levels this game has to offer. I also enjoy the fact that nothing is really given up for free and all the important buildings are defended in some way. Definitely a very strong base that I wouldn’t want to have to fight. Source

3. War/Trophy Base by Thrall

3 th14 war trophy base thrall

This base designer has experienced the pain of watching your base be torn apart by e-drags, clearly. I like the inferno / air sweeper core area and it still covers the Town Hall a bit. At this level a TH14’s attack can be quite strong and should always be respected when building your base. Source

4. Farm Base by Clashing Dreams

4 th14 farm base Clashing Dreams

I wanted to find at least one farm base that wouldn’t be a free three star for e-drags or log launchers and I hope I managed that. As we all know by now, farm bases are designed to do one thing- prevent your materials from being stolen by some greedy goblins. I think this base design will be more than capable of doing just that, but you’ll want to be proactive about your base. What I mean by this is simply move your traps, walls and towers around a bit. Source

5. War/CWL Base by Clash Lessons

5 th14 war cwl base clash lessons

This anti three star design was made for wars and that means it should be fairly capable of handling most meta  attack strategies. Now as always, if you’re not having success with publicly available bases it could mean it’s time for you to start tinkering and learning base design techniques. If you’ve spent the untold amount of real life days to reach this level, you should probably be quite adept at building/editing bases by now. Source

6. Trophy/War Base by DRAXTAR

6 th14 war trophy base DARXTAR

This base was designed and used by a pro that was playing in a CWL tournament. So even if you plan on making your own base, it would still be a good idea to use this base just to draw some ideas/inspiration from it wherever you can. As per usual, the success of your base design largely falls on your shoulders and not the original designer. You always have to be adapting and changing to keep up with the ever shifting meta. Source

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