Clash of Clans – Best TH6 Bases with Links

coc best th6 base layouts

You’ve finally reached Town Hall level 6, but your old base design just won’t cut it anymore. Well don’t worry because we’ve searched the corners of the internet to compile a list of the best TH6 bases. This list won’t cover every design out there, but it will provide solid base design options with links to quickly copy them.

Feel free to comment down below which TH6 base design is your favorite, if it’s not on this list, we’ll consider adding it!

Now let’s see some of those beautiful TH6 bases! Don’t forget to station some CC troops too!

1 hybrid trophy db

Just about everyone knows DarkBarbarian or at least has seen one of their designs. This base not only looks nice but its well thought out design makes it a nightmare for opponents to deal with. Storages are placed in an alternating pattern to make it difficult to lose all of one resource type and the Town Hall is very well secured. This base will excel at defending against nearly any attack. Source

2. Hybrid Base by DarkBarbarian

2 hybrid trophy db

A tried and true base designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Good for pushing trophies as well as keeping your storages safe from those lousy thieves. Great trap placement and defensive structure layout ensure some really great coverage over the whole base. Source

3. Hybrid Base by Base of Clans

3 hybrid baseofclans

A great allrounder base designed by Base of Clans with a super fortified Town Hall. This beast will be a nightmare for your opponents to three star and the storages are placed strategically to make it difficult for anyone to take all of your precious materials. Not much more to say about this one! Source

4. Farm Base by Oystar

4 farm base oystar

This is definitely the most unique looking layout in my opinion. Aside from the cool look of the base, it is a solid farm TH6 base and the storages are very well protected. If you’re finding your resource stores emptied after every attack then this is the base for you. Source

5. Hybrid/Trophy Base by DarkBarbarian

6 hybrid db

An older design, but it’s still a great base layout regardless of its age. As with most of DarkBarbarian’s designs it is very symmetrical and pleasing on the eyes, while also not sacrificing any defensive capabilities. All the space is used up carefully and the tight spacing means your towers’ ranges will be able to overlap much more effectively. Source

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