Clash of Clans – Best TH9 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th9 base designs new

Looking for the best TH9 bases for war, farming or trophy pushing? Well if so, you’re in the right place because I’ve went ahead and found some of the strongest, most well designed bases in Clash of Clans! These bases should be able to handle just about anything thrown at them. Just remember that these are publicly available base designs, so you may want to change up the layout a bit to keep your attackers guessing.

If you have a base you’d want to see added to the list, leave a comment down below. Now let’s see those powerful Town Hall 9 bases!

1 th9 war base base of clans

This base’s Town Hall is kept quite safe and you’ll notice the Clan Castle and Archer Queen are placed right next to it in the center. Just about everything is placed strategically, but you should totally try moving and swapping different buildings or traps around. This is definitely a solid base build, especially for a war base. Source

2. Hybrid/Trophy Base by DarkBarbarian

2 th9 hybrid trophy by db

Just like usual, DarkBarbarian utilizes walls to create compartments that make it a nightmare for just about anyone to deal with. The Town Hall is located in the center and is very well protected by all the compartments. Great anti-air & ground defenses with thoughtfully placed traps means this base can handle practically any attack strategy. Don’t forget to put some troops in your Clan Castle, an Electro Dragon is recommended here. Source

3. Trophy/Farm Base by as_jdm14

3 th9 trophy farm base as jdm14

Capable of repelling just about any TH9 attacker, this base is definitely one to watch out for. The placement of the traps is fine, but with any public base you should get into the habit of changing things around. The Town Hall is very well protected with the Barb King, Archer Queen and Clan Castle being nearby. I certainly wouldn’t want to try and defeat this base! Source

4. War/Trophy/Farm Base by FWA

4 th9 war trophy farm base FWA

This design has been around for a while, but it still holds up even now. If you try out this base you’ll probably want to move things around so anyone familiar with this design won’t just run straight over you. Great Town Hall protection utilizing Traps, Clan Castle and towers very effectively. Source

5. Hybrid Base by DarkBarbarian

5 th9 hybrid base db

Last, but not least, we have this lovely little base that serves as a wonderful hybrid design. It is very capable of handling spam attacks and more advanced strategies like LavaLoon or dragon spam. Defensive towers are placed so their range overlaps, allowing for much more devastation. Source

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