How to Get Free Gems for Castle Clash

how to get free gems in castle clash

Want to learn how to get Free Gems in Castle Clash? If so, this guide has got you covered! You’ll learn all the ways that you can earn free gems in Castle Clash right now. You can get free gems without having to crack, patch, download or install anything!

If you’re new to Castle Clash, check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks for Castle Clash.

1. Daily Activities

Daily Login – rewards the player for every day the sign in to the game, there are a total of 30 rewards that reset after the 30th day. If each reward is collected the player will receive: 990 free Gems, 19,900 HB, 7,510,000 Total Exp (Books), 48,000 Total Skill Exp as well as various cards.
Daily Quest – found on the quest board that you can repair once your town hall reaches level 7; the quests reward players with various resources including gems upon completion. The number of quests available each day is dependent on the player’s Might level.


2. Achievements

Achievements are a great way to earn resources such as Gems and it’s a good idea to start on them early. Don’t forget to actually collect the rewards though.


3. Events

These are random events that offer certain rewards such as free gems depending on what event is currently running. Make sure you check frequently for changes and try and participate if you can.

events 3

4. Watch Videos

This is a neat feature that allows you to watch ads in return for some free gems. You won’t earn a ton of free gems but it can be done passively with little to no effort.

watch videos

5. Download Apps

This feature gives you free gems when you download an app and follow whatever instructions are present. Some may require you to reach a certain milestone in the app/game or play for a certain amount of time before the gems are awarded to you.

download apps

Generators and Hacks

Please do not download or install any suspicious software on your devices. Also, never give out your password to anyone, ever. Most software that claims to “hack” Castle Clash is most likely fake. This software is most likely going to steal your information or harm your computer.

Our Castle Clash Gem Generator doesn’t require any passwords, downloading or installing software to work. Oh and it’s free to use once per day!


Anyone can get free gems in Castle Clash as long as they follow the steps outlines above. Just be sure you utilize each method as frequently as possible to maximize the free gems you earn each day.

As always, if we’ve missed a way to get free gems in Castle Clash, leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

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