16 PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks to help you Get That Chicken Dinner

pubg mobile tips and tricks to help you win and survive longer

Hey there gamers, ready to learn some PUBG mobile tips to help you win your very own chicken dinner? Whether you’re completely new to PUBG or not, there are bound to be some tips or tricks here to help you in your next match.

For those that know nothing about PUBG mobile, or PUBG itself for that matter, it’s your typical battle royale game where 100 players parachute out of a plane, loot gear and weapons and then fight to be the last player alive. There are different game modes you can play and you can play in teams of 2 to 4 players each.

1. Adjust your graphical settings

1 graphic settings to increase fps pubg mobile tip

Unless you’ve got a mobile device made specifically to game, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not handicapping yourself with low framerate or bad graphical settings. This will require you play around with the settings a bit to find a balance between performance and visual clarity. A 5 FPS increase isn’t worth not being able to see that player sitting in that dark corner.

If you don’t know what a framerate (or FPS) is, it’s basically how smooth the game looks and feels. If you’ve ever seen a video or game that looked “choppy” or that it looked like a PowerPoint slide-show, it probably was just low FPS.

Make sure you close any unnecessary apps while you’re playing to free up your phone’s resources to be used by the game!

2. Check out the other settings options

2 check out other settings

You’ll be surprised how many people simply didn’t know you could do something in this game because they’ve never looked into the settings options.

Did you know you can change the fire mode for certain weapons so that they fire on release and not on the initial tap? When you fire just on the initial tap, you may notice your aim adjust slightly causing you to miss the intended target. For some weapons, where precision shots are important, firing on release may make more sense to use.

Did you know you can lean / peak around corners? Well there is, just head into the settings and enable the Peek & Fire option. Just be careful and don’t get your head blown off.

3. Try using a Bluetooth controller

If you’re like me and don’t enjoy using mobile controls in a shooting game, then this tip was made for you. PUBG mobile requires split-second reactions and precision to stay alive in most matches and using a controller may be what you need to try.

4. Pick your landing spot carefully

4 pick your landing spot

You do not have to land in the initial circle because the dangerous blue circle zone hasn’t started creeping in yet. So if you’re not comfortable fighting yet and want to be a bit safer while looting up, it’s perfectly fine to drop and pull your chute early so you can glide to a safer location further away.

By landing far away from the main group of players, you’ll have more time to familiarize yourself with looting, equipping gear/attachments and learning the controls. Just make sure you are prepared to run or drive once the circle starts closing.

5. Check your map often

5 check your map

Map awareness is critical in PUBG because knowing where you are and where the safe zone is at will be crucial. Knowledge on where the next play zone is going to be centered will come in handy when planning your route + strategy. Don’t feel embarrassed if you get surprised to suddenly find yourself getting zapped by the blue zone and your poor awareness- it happens to the best of us.

6. Prioritize healing/boost items

6 pick up healing and boost items

Weapons shouldn’t be too difficult to find; but healing/boost items will typically be more scarce, so when you find some you should keep them. Let’s be real, do you really think that grenade is going to be more useful than that med kit? Boosting yourself fully is incredibly important mid to late game so make sure you stock up.

7. Use the Playzone circle to your advantage

7 play around the playzone circle

Standing outside the play zone usually isn’t a good idea because you’ll start taking periodic damage every second or so, which will force you to start using your meds/boosts. However, the damage you take will be quite low early in the match because the damage starts low and gets progressively higher every time the circle shrinks again.

So if you’ve gotten lucky and found enough healing/boost items you can hide out in the blue zone for quite some time- just watch your health. No one usually expects anyone to be stuck out in it so you can potentially catch players off guard. If you don’t want to hide in it, you can also just play around the edge of the circle. This means you can focus more of your attention on the area inside the circle, just check every now and then that there isn’t anyone still inside the blue zone.

8. Protect your brain... with level three helmets

8 wear a helmet

A level three helmet with low durability will typically be better than anything else, regardless of durability, because it’s the only helmet that can keep a M24 headshot from killing you. This rule doesn’t apply for vests because the durability does matter more, so a level two undamaged vest will be better than a level three that’s almost broke.

9. Use a good headphone/headset

9 use a headset to hear footsteps and gunfire

PUBG mobile relies heavily on audio to give the players information on what’s going on around them, and not taking advantage of this information is only handicapping yourself drastically. Being able to hear footsteps/gunfire and determine where, approximately, the player(s) making the sounds are or were is extremely powerful.

Also there’s voice chat in the game so you and your teammates can share important information and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

10. Consume your boosts strategically

10 use your boosts

Instead of just randomly consuming boost items you should think carefully about whether you should save them for later or just use them. For example, if you find yourself surrounded by a lot of players and your chance of surviving is low, you should consume every boost item you find. The reason for this is it will not only help your chances of living, but also your enemies can’t loot them from your body if you’ve used them all. 

Now if you’re not surrounded you should try and save them for the late game when the circle is small and only a few players remain. At that point you should try and have enough boosts to keep yourself fully boosted for the rest of the game. Otherwise, try and make sure you are somewhat boosted before getting into a fight.

11. Learn the map

This one is self-explanatory and will just require you play the game enough to familiarize yourself with the world. Map knowledge is super powerful, knowing where good loot locations are or where player hot spots are is critical when planning the route you’re going to take. If you’re serious about winning, it’s always a good idea to avoid any heavily trafficked areas.

Other than that it’s always a great idea to make note of any spots that players like to camp/hide in frequently. Many players prefer to just pick up a sniper rifle and pitch a tent while they wait for someone else to mess up by getting impatient and moving first.

12. If all else fails, become a bush

12 hide in a bush

An oldie but a goodie, hiding inside of a bush or going prone under it is still a viable tactic that works to this day. Don’t rely on this too heavily though, because bushes don’t provide any actual, bullet-stopping cover, so if someone spots you first, you’re probably going to be sent to the afterlife.

Protip: hiding in grass isn’t a good idea because grass stops rendering in at a certain distance. This means that grass you think is hiding you probably isn’t even appearing for the player who’s adjusting their scope’s zeroing, before giving you some new lead piercings.

13. Know your weapon's effective range

13 know your weapons range

This one will require you play with all weapon types to get a feel for their effective ranges. You may find yourself surprised just how far and accurate that shotgun or smg is at certain distances. Knowing the weapon’s range will also help you decide on what scope/attachments you want to use on each weapon.

You’d be surprised how many players try to snipe with pistols, smgs and shotguns because they simply have no clue how far that gun can shoot. To that end, it’s not a waste of time to just go shoot at a wall, see where the bullet hits, back up, shoot and repeat. This will help you see bullet travel time and drop so you can learn how you’ll need to adjust your aim moving forward.

14. Weapon attachments are your friend

Having a suppressor and/or a good scope for your weapons can make all the difference and you should use the setups you’re most comfortable with. Also it’s a good idea to try and hide powerful attachments like scopes and silencers just to keep them from falling into enemy hands. So experiment with different combinations and get used to swapping attachments on the fly.

15. Don't forget to go prone sometimes

15 go prone too

Being able to go prone in any shooting game is huge because it simply makes your body smaller and more difficult to hit… usually. In some cases like when the enemy has high ground advantage you shouldn’t go prone, but in most cases it is a benefit. 

Going prone also reduces recoil, increases accuracy but it will reduce your mobility to that of a turtle with one leg, so use it wisely.

16. Avoid bridges and other choke / high traffic points

16 avoid bridges

This goes hand-in-hand with learning the map because learning the map also means you’ll learn which spots you should avoid, one of these being bridges. Why bridges you ask? Well when the zone is shrinking most people either don’t think to swim or think it’s too dangerous, so they cross the bridge.

The bad thing about bridges is once you’re on one, you only have two ways you can go, forward and backwards. If there’s a highly dangerous blue zone behind you, then there’s only one way you can go. Smart players take advantage of this and will frequently set up at the end of the bridge to ambush anyone who didn’t pay attention or plan a route properly and get some easy kills.


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