Roblox How to Get Free Items, Clothes & Accessories

roblox how to get free items accessories

Tired of rocking the, plain and downright boring, default clothing and accessories? Well good news, you can finally give your Roblox avatar some unique flare and it is completely free! There are actually quite a few ways to get free items such as clothing, hair, pets and everything in between.

Before we get started, one of the easiest ways to get free swag in Roblox is by simply redeeming Roblox Promo Codes.

The catalog can be a bit tricky to use for the first time, but you can actually sort it by all the currently available free items quite easily! Then you can just spend some time browsing and picking anything that you want to keep. Roblox doesn’t give its players many ways to earn free Robux, so having free items available to pick from is the best we can hope for right now.

So, I’ve said it’s possible, but how can you start browsing the catalog for some free goodies? Well you can try following this link, and if that doesn’t work, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Roblox Catalog.

Step 2

Select a category to browse, for this example I just picked “All Categories”.step 1 getting free roblox items in catalog

Step 3

Now, scroll down a bit and on the left-hand side you’ll see a Price filter. Select the “Free” radial button and viola, you should now see all the free items in the catalog! Do note this will not include items you get from promo codes, completing challenges or participating in events.step 2 getting free roblox items in catalog


roblox events give free accessories

Events are another fantastic way to have fun and get some free items! You can check for new events by following Roblox’s social media and also by checking their website! In the bottom left corner of the sidebar you’ll see what events are currently happening.

As you can see, the Chipotle Burrito Builder promo event was going on when writing this article. Check out this video for help getting all the Chipotle items. As with most of these events you’ll usually be able to get some swag in the form of promotional/branded items, clothes etc. 

Roblox Creator Challenges & Build It, Play It

Creator Challenges and Build It, Play It are essentially tutorials designed to educate new creators on how to use Roblox Studio to create their own games. One of the ways they help get people interested is by offering some free goodies just by stopping by or completing a short quizzes.

Two of these challenges have already been covered in our Roblox Promo Codes list article. 

You can do the tutorial and enjoy the learning process but it is not required in order to take the quiz and get your free rewards. You’ll only have to answer three randomly picked questions per quiz. The questions, correct answers & rewards are listed below:

Reward: Supernova Pauldrons

Which is not one of the steps to building the speeders?
Creating a Garage

Which password below can best protect an account?

When working on a game, how often should you save your work?
All of the above

To move an object in specific direction, you should:
Use the directional arrows with the move tools

Publishing saves your work online, so you can access it in any computer.

How do you Zoom the camera in and out?
Use a scroll-wheel or press W and S

Reward: Scrap Metal Hat

The process of combining multiple objects into one model is:

What keyboard press lets you duplicate objects?
Ctrl + D

Where can you turn Collisions on or off?
The Home and Model tabs

A finished speeder should be placed into what section of the Explorer.

If collisions are on, and you duplicate a wing, it’ll appear:
In the same place as the original wing

Which tab does not include the Move, Rotate, and Scale tools?

Rotate snapping lets you do what to parts?
Rotate parts a set amount a time

While building, you should always work in one camera angle, such as the top view or side view.

What should you do during a playtest?
All of the above

Reward: Rover the Astro-Pup

So others can play, a game needs to be set to:

A variable is:
A placeholder for information that can be updated as needed

Hold Code

Roblox Studio scripts use which programming language:

Once you upload a model to Roblox, what is one of the benefits you get?
All of the above

What variable changes how fast a driftspeeder can go?

After making a code change, you should:
Playtest to see if your code works correctly

For DefaultSpeed, which number might cause issues for your speeder in-game?

What’s the name of the script with variables that control a driftspeeder?

Reward: Saturn Ring Hat

To open the Toolbox, which tab should you go to?

If you create and sell game assets, like 3D models, you can earn Robux.

3D models are one type of game asset.

Duplicating text from a 3D character model is good.

The Driftspeeder Parts kit is saved in what part of your Toolbox inventory?
My Models

Your Toolbox Inventory stores the following:
Game Assets, like models or sounds

Reward: Scrapper’s Backpack

Changing the texture of a 3D model lets you:
All of the above

A driftspeeder can only use one texture file for all it’s parts.

Which of the following looks like a real TextureID?

On the driftspeeder part, which property changes the texture?

Games can only use Roblox made textures. You can’t create your own.

Reward: Hyperspace Jetpack

In the Explorer, under where can you find the Terrain Object?

A terrain material is a paintable surface, like grass or water.

Which Terrain Tool is used to change Terrain Texture?

Which property of Terrain is used to change the colors of each surface?

In this creator challenge you’ll be learning how to create a multiplayer map where players stomp and crush cities. Like the previous challenge, you’ll have to complete a short quiz challenge, three random questions each, to get your rewards. 

Reward: Rodan’s Head

What is NOT considered one of the most important elements when designing a map?
The locations of your ads

In Roblox Studio, what sets the player starting locations?
SpawnLocation object

When working on a game map, when is it a good idea to save your game?
Whenever making a big change that you don’t want to lose

Where can you change the Snap to Grid settings?
The Model tab

What command is handy to use when something moves in a way you don’t want?
Ctrl + Z

How do you zoom the camera in and out?
Use a scroll-wheel or W and S

The world builder is responsible for which of the following?
Shaping the environment challenges for players

What is the best way of moving a building?
Using the Move tool, click on arrow handles to move

What role focuses on shaping the game environment?
World builder

Where should you start when building maps?
Start with the most important things first

Reward: Godzilla Spine Backpack

What makes it easier to move and rotate objects without them getting in the way?
Turning off Collisions

What terrain tool changes the texture without changing the shape?
The Paint Tool

What brush settings give you more control over the terrain tools?
Size and strength settings

If collisions are on, and you duplicate a building, it’ll appear…
Above the original building

How do you see a top-down view of the world?
Select an object > Press F > Use the View Selector

Why should you remember to rotate your camera and see the terrain from multiple angles?
To better see what your terrain looks like

What is playtesting?
Playing a game to check it’s fun and bug-free

What helps you get a better look at all the angles of an object in Roblox Studio?
The View Selector

What tab is the Terrain Editor located in Roblox Studio?
Home Tab

Where can you turn Collisions on or off?
The Home and Model tabs

Reward: Ghidorah’s Wings

What will help players get an idea of what the game is about?
The game icon and thumbnail

Once your game has published you can…
All of the above

The game icon is the image that shows up on…
The Roblox Games page

In coding, arrays are used to…
Organize values

Where can you change the settings of your game like the points value and length of rounds?
GameSettings script

To change how many seconds a round of the game lasts:
Change RoundDuration in GameSettings

The thumbnail is the image that shows up on…
The game’s dedicated page

Custom items can be added to be destroyed for points.

You can allow your friends to play your game…
In Game Settings

The thumbnail for your game can be changed…
In Game Settings

In this creator challenge you’ll be learning how to build bridges, create new landscapes and use code to create traps and more. This quiz contains three lessons, each containing two challenges & each of those challenges require you answer three questions correctly.

Lesson 1:

Which button lets you playtest your game in Roblox Studio?

There are secret ways of getting free Robux.

When playtesting, you should press the Stop button to make changes in your game.

Reward: Jurassic World headphones

How often should you publish your projects in Roblox?
Every 10 – 15 minutes

What’s the letter of the picture that shows the Move tool?

If a part falls down when you play your game, what feature can you turn on so it stays in the air?

Lesson 2:

What coding language does Roblox use?

A script object holds lines of code that do specific tasks.

To test your script:
Click Play

Reward: Jurassic World Cap

Which of the following variables allows the script to work when attached to any part?
local harmOrHealPart = script.Parent

local NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS = 5 is an example of a:
Number type variable.

local harmOrHeal is a variable.

What is a variable?
A placeholder for information like numbers or names

How many health points do players start the game with?

Number type variables can be used to keep track of which of the following pieces of information?
How many seconds are left in a game.

In the example script, if local DAMAGE = 5 and local COOLDOWN_IN_SECONDS = 0, what will happen when a player touches the part?
The player will lose health very fast.

Lesson 3:

What terrain tool (brush) lets you build new terrain?

How do you open the Terrain Editor window in Roblox Studio?
Click Editor from the Home tab.

What terrain tool (brush) lets you quickly remove terrain?

Reward: Jurassic World Backpack

What variable in the script controls how dangerous a falling object is?

What variable in the script controls how often objects fall from the cloud?

What object holds code that controls the cloud’s behavior?

You can put tables into other tables.

What variable type holds information about one specific falling object in the fallingObjectScript script?

What is the “magic box” that holds objects which can be put into your game?

What symbols help you recognize a table in a script?

Amazon Prime + Twitch

roblox amazon prime twitch freebies

There’s actually a free Mardi Gras Steampunk Mask you can get if you have Amazon Prime linked to your twitch account. Just go here to claim it, you’ll see a code appear on the image as shown, copy it and head to Roblox to redeem it! There are some other “available soon” placeholders, so they will definitely be coming out with more goodies, so keep an eye out!

In-Game Rewards

Like how participating in events and completing certain tasks/challenges can get you rewards, some games also give you rewards! We won’t be able to list all of them here, but we’ll show you what to look out for. If you want a more complete list of these games, you should check out this website.

In our example we’ll look at the McLaren F1 Racing Experience Game.

mclaren racing game for freebies

If you scroll down on the game’s page, you’ll see a section called “Badges”. Here we can see not only what free items we can get, but how many people have won them.

mclaren badges showing what freebies you can win

If you’re not sure how to actually win the items, a simple google or YouTube search should yield a video like this. All you need to do, is complete the necessary steps and enjoy the free loot.


And there you have most if not all of the ways to get some free items in Roblox. We hope this article has been helpful to you, if we’ve missed any methods you know of please leave us a comment below. Now get out there and claim your free items.

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