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We are relatively new to the online hacking scene, and loved playing mobile/PC games. Unfortunately, being beaten by those with more money to spend on certain games was a bit frustrating. So we decided to get every skilled developer/coder we knew and made this site.

Its still in the early stages of development so expect a lot of changes and upgrades in the future. We all have full-time jobs so please be patient with us.

  • Our hacks do exactly what they were designed to do, unless we miss a deadline and can't update it in time. If you notice one isn't working, the request most likely got sent to our Server Queue.

  • Our AES 256-bit encryption algorithm is always online protecting all of our users meaning that your account is perfectly safe from any would-be hackers.

  • Our responsive design means you can generate items and currency for your favorite games on any device.

  • Everyone on our team works hard to keep our database and hack tools up to date. This ensures the highest security and that the tool works as it should.