10 Fortnite Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2022


Fortnite is a Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games where 100 players will drop into a location from a flying bus. Once they land they find loot such as guns, shields, explosives, shields and more. Players then fight other players with the loot they’ve collected from the area or other players. The last person / team left alive is crowned the victor, although you don’t win anything much other than some extra exp.

These Fortnite tips and tricks will help beginners with many aspects of the game such as surviving the early game fights, gathering, building and chances of getting a victory royale. Check out our Fortnite V Bucks Farming Guide as well!

1. Choosing Your Landing Zone

The bus’s flight path is different each game and is shown on the map. A very large amount of people will normally jump from the bus as soon as they’re allowed too. And large amounts of people will also drop on popular locations such as Pleasant, Retail, Tilted and Salty to name a few.

Now it’s up to you to decide how you want the first few minutes of the game to go. You can pick a popular location or be the first to jump from the bus and you’ll definitely see some early-game combat. This is good for when you need to improve your aim, decision making, looting speed and building.

Alternatively, if you aren’t as confident in your skills and you just want to loot and gather in peace, then you’ll want to pick a less crowded space. Depending on the buses location, you’ll want to pick a spot far away from the path. Also, you may want to try picking somewhere that isn’t named on the map, there are many groups of houses and buildings that have decent loot and usually don’t see much foot traffic at all.


2. Always Land on Roofs

The reason you’ll always want to land on a roof is very often (not always though) there will be a chest in the roof of the house. You’ll be able to hear the chest making a humming noise. Now you can simple break your way into the next floor of the house and continue looting. If someone happened to land on the ground floor, you’ll have the height advantage and being on the roof means you can shoot at other players in the town for some quick eliminations.


3. Loot Quickly

Even if you’ve chosen a drop zone well away from other players, you’ll still want to practice looting fast and efficiently. Try to pick up just what you want to carry without accidentally grabbing unnecessary items. The reason for this is when you do start dropping in more contested zones, you’ll be able to loot, grab a gun and clear out your immediate surroundings of enemy players. The longer you take to kill anyone nearby, the more likely the odds of them finding better guns and killing you.


4. Gather While Looting

As long as you know the area you’re in doesn’t have an enemy nearby and is safe, you should always have your gathering tool out hitting everything. When running through houses, make it habit to just be swinging at furniture and even the walls if you run out of furniture. This is very nice to get used to doing so that when you’re fighting players in the early game, you’ll have some resources already gathered to build with.


5. Stick With a Loadout

Place certain weapon types on your hotbar in a specific order every game. For example, I have all assault rifles on “1”, shotguns on “2”, smgs/pistol on “3”, sniper/explosive on “4” and healing/shielding items on “5”. Each game you’ll want to make sure you order your hotbar in an order you feel comfortable with. Eventually muscle memory will take over and you’ll be able to easily switch between various weapon types without having to think about it.


6. Choose Comfortable Keybinds

This is very critical if you want to be able to build, weapon swap and edit like a pro. For building keybinds, you’ll simply want to experiment with various keys until you find something that feels comfortable. You can look at other player’s/pro’s keybinds to help get an idea on what you could use, but at the end of the day you just have to feel comfortable hitting those keys. Go into Playground mode, if it’s still available as you’re reading this, and just practice different key combinations until something feels good.


7. Build, Build and Build

Practice makes perfect and Playground mode makes practicing practical. You’ll want to hop into Playground mode as much as possible and just practice building. You can get wood material from the vending machine by the wooden floating ship and metal material from the machine by the floating metal spike-ball arena. Also, gather rates in this game mode are significantly increased.

If you have no idea what you should practice building then you may want to watch this video series. It outlines some drills you can practice so you actually stand a chance of winning complex build fights. Once you get comfortable building, start practicing your edits.


8. Don’t Stop Moving

When you’re looting, gathering resources, healing / drinking shields or even when you’re running. Always assume that someone has a sniper pointed at your head, would you ever stand still if they did? No, so don’t let that habit start and instead form the habit of constantly spamming a, d, crouching, or jumping. Even when I’m just running I’ll throw in random jumps and maybe a few zigzags. The harder you make it for someone to land that opening shot the better your chance of winning is.


9. High Ground is Your Friend

Unless you get a lucky shot, lucky bloom or just lucky bullet spread, you’re going to lose 90% of fights if the opponent is standing above you. In most scenarios like that they’ll have the peak advantage because they’ll be able to see you and peak from cover while you’re out in the open. This is why building is so important because once someone has the high ground on you, you’re going to have to contest it. This is just a way of saying you’re going to have to try to either get up to their level or even better, over them. This all comes down to practice and experience, so if you find yourself losing to people who can build and keep the high ground on you, don’t give up and just keep trying.


10. React Appropriately When Shot At

When you get shot at, always immediately build to protect yourself. You should ingrain this into your very soul. Always build walls first then a ramp for added defense. People usually fire a shot with something that does heavy damage such as a sniper or deagle and then immediately switch to start shooting at you with an assault rifle. So this means you’ll most likely be spamming walls/ramps waiting for them to have to reload. Use this time to find the enemy and retaliate or retreat.


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