10 Summoners War Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2022


Summoners War is a mobile turn-based strategy MMO game created by Com2us. Players, or summoners, open scrolls in order to summon powerful monsters that they use to fight in battles. Monsters’ power or overall combat ability is rated via stars and can range from 1-star to 5-star. They can be evolved to a 6-star grade once they’ve acquired sufficient experience from battles. This is a free to play “Freemium” game where the developer makes their money from micro-transactions- mainly from players buying “Crystals” (premium currency).

These Summoners War tips were designed to help beginners start off on their journey to becoming the strongest summoner out there. If we missed anything or have some wrong information, let us know! Check out our Summoners War Crystal Farming Guide as well!

1. Understand Elemental Relationships

Elemental relationships are an important concept and you’ll be using it throughout the entire game. It’s sort of like rock, paper, scissors where: Water beats Fire, Fire beats Wind and Wind beats Water. Light and Dark are strong against each other equally. When your monster’s elemental attribute is stronger than the enemy’s you have what’s called “Elemental Advantage”.

Elemental Advantage – grants you +15% Critical hit Rate (CR) and an increased chance to land a crushing hit (+30% damage). The CR of a monster (mon) can hit 100% with the use of runes to give you some very nice damage.

Elemental Disadvantage – increases your chance of landing a glancing hit (30% damage reduction), but due to the disadvantage another 16% damage reduction is added for a total of 46%. Glancing hits also block most skill’s harmful effects from landing.


2. Lapis is a Good Starter

Lapis the Water Magic Knight is a good starter that all players can get by clearing Mt Siz on Normal mode. She’s a 4-star monster and a fairly decent one at that, especially if you put some good runes on her. Despair runes sync really well with her AoE stun ability.


3. Participate in Every Event

Special events and Holiday events are a great way to get many cool, unique and useful rewards. Be sure you’re always keeping an eye out for all events and even following Com2us ‘s social media accounts for updates. You can even receive some crystals just by watching or attending the Summoners War World Arena Championship.


4. Climb the Trail of Ascension

The Trial of Ascension is a PvE area that resets approximately every 30 days, erasing all players’ progress. It’s advised to try to reach floor 70 as the reward for completing it is a devilmon. There are other rewards that you can earn as well and it’s a great way to watch your progression.


5. Go on Raids

Once you have a strong team it’ll be time to start putting together a raiding team. To unlock raids you’ll have to complete a World Boss battle once and the rewards from raiding are well worth it. Keep in mind that units in the front will shield the monsters behind them, and your leader’s skill will apply to the entire party.


6. Farm Good Runes

Runes can make even the strongest monsters feel as useful as wet tissue paper, so make sure you equip the proper runes on them. The Giant’s Keep (located in the Cairos Dungeon) will most likely be your best bet for finding runes- at least while you’ve only just begun your journey.


7. Join a Guild

Joining a guild will allow you to participate in Guild Battles to earn Guild Points. These points can be exchanged for some very good rewards and some of them are exclusive meaning they can only be bought with Guild Points.


8. Train Faimon / Aiden Farmers

Both the Faimon Volcano and Aiden Forest scenarios give a lot of experience points when cleared. It’s a good idea to raise a water and/or wind monster (depending on which you choose to farm) to a point where they can complete the level on their own. This way you can run your low-level monsters through to level them up quickly.


9. Glory Shop Prioritization

When purchasing anything from the glory shop, you’ll  want to make sure you aren’t spending your glory carelessly. You will want to always try and buy the weekly Devilmon first, then you can either purchase some Mystical Scrolls or Upgrade your Mysterious Plant and/or Sanctum of Energy. After that you can invest in you Speed and Damage Towers or whatever else you feel is necessary.


10. Lock Your Monsters

When you lock a monster, you won’t be able to accidentally select them to use as material at the Power-up Circle. So make sure that you always lock your important monsters immediately to avoid costly mistakes.


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