8 Ball Pool How to Get Legendary Cues

8 ball pool miniclip how to get legendary pool cues for free

If you’ve played Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool at all then you’ll already know just how powerful higher tier pool cues are. Sitting at the top of the cue tier list are legendary cues which, once maxed out, are single-handedly the best pool cues to use, period. But, how can you get your hands on one for free?

Well obtaining one of these Legendary is easier said than done and if you want it for free, then it will take some time and patience to acquire. You see, in order to get one, you have to collect all 4 pieces of that specific cue, but you have no control over what piece you obtain because it’s all random chance. 

To make things even harder, the chance to even get a piece is already quite low and the odds that it’s the piece you need are definitely not in your favor. To add insult to injury, you can even get duplicate pieces that you already have unlocked which just earns you some coins.

And now that you know just how difficult it can be to unlock your first Legendary Cue, it’s time I go over all of the ways you can actually start obtaining pieces.

8 ball pool legendary box opening

Legendary boxes are by far the easiest way of getting Legendary cue pieces, but the downside is you have to buy them with Pool Cash. This currency is typically bought with real world money, but there are some ways to earn it for free, in game.

I write a more in-depth guide on making cash in 8 Ball Pool later, but here’s a quick and dirty list of the current cash making methods.

  • Levelling up.
  • Getting Top 3 in your League.
  • Winning the Lucky Shot minigame.
  • Completing offers, such as installing other apps and reaching “X” level.

Bonus Tip: Wait for a special “deal” on Legendary boxes because sometimes you can buy 3 for a discounted price!

Victory Boxes

8 ball pool victory box legendary cue piece

Another way you can find Legendary cue pieces is by opening the Victory box you get for winning matches and tournaments. The higher tier Victory box will affect what kinds of rewards you’ll receive. Do know that the odds of getting a piece from these boxes are quite low. 

Also, did you know that the winner of a tournament will receive a fully completed cue? If you’re good at the game this may be an easier way for you to get your Legendary cue.

Spin and Win

8 ball pool spin and win legendary

The wheel is a hotly debated subject on whether it’s rigged or not, I’ll just say that with anything like this in a “free” game it’s always going to be weighted to give you lesser rewards. However, you can get lucky and receive a Legendary box for free. 

You get one free spin per day, so you should always spin the wheel each day even if you don’t plan on playing any matches. A wasted spin is a wasted chance at that next piece!

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