The Best Cues in 8 Ball Pool

best cues in 8 ball pool

You’ve saved up some coins and or cash and you’re looking to upgrade your current pool cue or buy a new one- but not so fast. Knowing which cue to buy or whether you should upgrade your current one can save you from potentially wasting your pool cash. Hopefully this guide will help you make an informed decision if/when you buy a new cue or upgrade your current one. 

BUT before we start, you should know that the best cue to use is always going to be a legendary one. They cannot easily be unlocked because you’ll need to get all 4 pieces through sheer luck or spend real money buying cash to purchase legendary boxes with. In fact we’ve an article on How to Get Legendary Cues already available, if you’re wanting to get one that is.

So, with that in mind I will not be adding Legendary Cues to this guide, because most people aren’t going to spend real money and they require a lot of luck to get all the pieces.

finding the best cue for you

I’m assuming you’ve already played 8 Ball Pool and know that each cue has different Force, Spin, Time and Aiming stats. But, what exactly do these stats do and how does it help you decide on which cue to buy/upgrade? Well first let’s figure out what each stat is actually doing:

  1. Force –  controls how hard you can hit the white cue ball which is incredibly important for things such as breaking, bank shots and more. Try and aim for a cue with around 7+ force to get started.
  2. Aim – this extends the white aiming line that helps guide your shots and it’s especially helpful when you have to make a long/tricky shot.
  3. Spin – helps you control the movement of the white cue ball once it hits your target, which is critical in setting up the next shot (provided you made the first one). You may not use it much in the beginning rooms, but it will become a vital technique to master if you hope to climb the rankings.
  4. Time – simply gives you more time (seconds) to line up your shots. This stat isn’t as important as the other three, but it’s still good to have regardless.

Now this is where I ask you what your most important stats are, because if you find yourself not able to line up shots accurately enough, a cue with more aim may be better for you. It really is as simple as picking the best cue available to you when you feel like your current pool cue is holding you back.

But, I did say I would list the “Best” cues, so I will make an attempt at doing that, but remember it’s all preference at the end of the day. Some people may find Aim and Force is more important to them, while others may prefer cues with high Force and Spin.

One more thing...

A quick disclaimer before we get into the list, the best cues are always going to be the most expensive and difficult to obtain. This is how “free to play” mobile games work so you need to decide now:

Do you want the BEST cue regardless of the time/luck/cash required? Well a Legendary cue is what you’ll want to start saving up all your cash for because you’ll be buying lots of Legendary boxes. It would still be a decent idea to buy a decent cue while you’re grinding for pieces just to make it easier, because you’ll still want to actually win your matches.

Do you even expect to play the game long enough to care about a legendary cue? For a significant portion of you I expect the answer to this one is a no. In this case, just buy whatever premium cue lines up with your stat preferences. NOTE: If you actually farm up enough cash to buy a high end premium cue (like the galaxy cue for 750 cash) you’re probably better off just spending that money trying to unlock legendary cues.

The Best Standard Cues

This list will prioritize Force, Spin & Aim over Time. 

Level 10 - Sheep Cue
lvl10 Sheep Cue

Force: 3

Aim: 4

Spin: 3

Time: 0

At level 10 the best cue in my opinion is the Sheep Cue. It has low stat points but they are placed in what I consider to be the three most important stats. It costs 2,500 pool coins to purchase and 250 coins to recharge it.

Level 20 - Blue Hope Cue
lvl20 Blue Hope Cue

Force: 6

Aim: 3

Spin: 4

Time: 0

The Blue Hope cue is my pick for level 20 simply due to stat allocation. It costs 15,000 pool coins to purchase and 1,500 coins to recharge it.

Level 30 - Teak Cue
lvl30 Teak Cue

Force: 5

Aim: 5

Spin: 6

Time: 0

The Teak Cue is a nice well-balanced cue that I’d even consider upgrading if you have the extra funds. At level 1 it’s going to be better than the blue hope. Pay attention closely when upgrading because the cost of recharging increases as well. It costs 65,000 pool coins to purchase and 6,500 coins to recharge it.

Level 40 - Crystal Cue
lvl40 Crystal Cue

Force: 7

Aim: 4

Spin: 7

Time: 1

The Crystal cue has quite a hefty price tag and recharge price that you’ll definitely need to consider before buying it. The stats make up for the price in most cases, but do your due diligence and make sure it’s worth it. It costs 200,000 pool coins to purchase and 20,000 coins to recharge it.

Level 50 - Diamond Cue
lvl50 Diamond Cue

Force: 8

Aim: 8

Spin: 6

Time: 3

This isn’t even the most expensive standard cue you can buy, but it does carry decent stats. Whether or not you’re okay spending this much to use this cue is up to you. If you’ve played enough to afford this one, you may find a premium or legendary cue to be a better goal. It costs 1,750,000 pool coins to purchase and 175,000 coins to recharge it.

The Best Premium Cue

The Galaxy Cue

Force: 9

Aim: 8

Spin: 9

Time: 8

To keep my word to list the best non-legendary cue, it’s required that the Galaxy Cue is placed on this list. It has the highest stats of any non legendary cue and its price reflects it. You can get lucky and find pieces of this cue in Berlin+ rooms. It costs 750 pool cash to purchase and 1,875 coins to recharge it.

Again, whether or not it’s worth buying the Galaxy cue over just spending that cash on legendary boxes is something you’ll need to decide yourself. Getting a Legendary cue requires quite a bit of luck, so whatever you choose, good luck!

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