– Fixed issue with the Fortnite generator where some users couldn’t generate any amount over 3000 v bucks.


– Released the Fortnite V Bucks generator!
– Added another virtual server partition to help with the expected demand on the new Fortnite generator.
– Fixed issues causing some minor delays in how the server queue handler received new requests.
– Added more effective logging to better catch and track bugs in the future.


– Added some support for an upcoming release. (too be announced later!)
– Fixed issue with the live chat not showing the numbers 5, 8 and 9. This was one weird bug.


– Improved functionality for iOS users. (Some framework issues were preventing certain objects from loading properly)
– Cleaned up some messy code / updated some old syntax.


– Added Madden Mobile 18 Generator to our lineup!
– Performed some minor tweaks to the “Latest Activity” window to fix issues where it wasn’t displaying properly on some outdated browsers, and in some cases not showing up at all.
– Fixed an issue with the League of Legends generator generating chests when keys were selected and keys when chests were selected. (Not sure what even went wrong there, I blame the long work hours)

– Fixed issue with server queue handler timing out requests instead of trying to resolve them autonomously.
– Updated our League of Legends Generator to now work with hextech crafting materials, chests and keys.
– Added some backend functionality for our devs to access the code without needing to download/re-upload all project files in order to make a change.
– Fixed issue where the LoL Generator would only generate keys if both keys and chests were selected by the user. More testing is required to ensure there won’t be further issues with the other options.

– Updated server queue handler to automatically try and resolve requests made by users to prevent their requests from being stuck in the queue.
– Streamlined the core code for our Clash of Clans Generator. (small change in processing speed)
– Fixed a few issues where certain generator options weren’t appearing for outdated browsers.


We’ve made changes further back, but cannot possibly hope to remember them all, so we will just start here! Thanks for your continued support!