Clash of Clans – Best BH5 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh5 base designs anti two star with copy link

Ready for some new, strong BH5 base designs, clash fan? Well if so, you’re in luck, because we’ve been hard at work compiling a list of some of the best public base designs available on the Keep in mind that these bases are public which means you should change them up however you see fit- if you’re comfortable with building bases. I personally like to copy a design, modify it enough so attackers don’t recognize it easily.

If I’ve missed anything or you’d like to shout out a design that’s not on this list, leave a comment below. Now let’s see those Builder Hall 5 base designs!

1 bh5 base Hizbullah24

We’re starting off this list with a base I found very impressive, especially at Builder Hall 5. It is a very formidable base that can handle just about every BH5 attack setup. In fact you may find this base performs so well, that you only start getting matched against BH6 & BH7 players. I’ll mention it one more time, so I don’t beat a dead horse, these are public base designs. So if you find you’re getting two/three star’d you’ll want to either change the design or try a different one. Source

2. BH5 Base Built by Xero Crxnk

2 bh5 base Xero

A lovely little ring base with well placed defenses and a well guarded Town Hall, what more could you ask for? It has two main entry points, provided they don’t bring wall breakers. This layout should be pretty great for messing with the attacking unit’s pathfinding and will keep the attacker on their toes. Source

3. BH5 Base Built by Jsmith Gaming

3 bh5 base Jsmith Gaming

This base was performing quite well even with the walls not being upgraded yet, and I think it owes most of its success to that lovely mortar sitting in the center. This base also handles spam attacks very well, due to the mortar and the well defended center core. I also appreciate that it’s not exactly giving away many structures for free, because as we all know, in versus battles it’s a game of percentages. Source

4. BH5 Base Built by loise001

4 bh5 base loise001

This base has well placed defenses, walls, a well-fortified Builder Hall and well placed traps- which is a big plus. It was built to be an anti-two star base which should help you start pushing some trophies and win some duels. Air defenses are centered around the Hall with the mortar, and should provide some devastating coverage. Source

5. BH5 Base Built by ProEmoji

5 bh5 base ProEmoji

This base does a great job of using up the space without creating weak points or gaps in the defenses that could be easily exploited for some free percentage points. I also love all the spring board usage and the mortar being compartmentalized separately from the Builder Hall. All of the main defenses of this base are placed far enough so they can’t be picked off from outside the walls. Source

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