Clash of Clans – Best BH8 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh8 base designs anti everything with copy link

Looks like you’ve gained another Builder Hall level and you’re ready to move into your brand new BH8 base. Well, I have some more good news- we’ve prepared a nice selection of bases for you to try out with varying designs we’re sure you’ll find your dream hom- base, sorry. At this level and beyond a lot of players will use either giants/drop ship + minion spam or night witches to attack. One way players try to deal with this and other attack setups is by heavily defending the core (center) of the base as much as possible. So if you find yourself losing to these spam air attacks, change up your air defenses accordingly.

Enough talk, let’s get into the Builder Hall 8 base designs!

1 bh8 base The Hide

As with all Builder Hall bases the goal of the base is to prevent your attacker from destroying your buildings, thus gaining percentage points and stars. When every little percentage matters you need to use the best base design that you can find or create yourself. This base does an excellent job of trying to counter all the popular BH8 attack strategies and it has a well defended Builder Hall. Source

2. BH8 Base Built by AllClash

2 bh8 base AllClash

This base isn’t completely walled off and has two main entry points to get to the core. One thing I like about this base design is the way it unpredictably changes the attacking unit’s pathfinding. Like I always recommend, try changing up the base layout to make it difficult for someone to recognize and counter easily. Source

3. BH8 Base Built by DemonLord

3 bh8 base DemonLord

Like the base above, this base has two entry points that are designed to confuse the attacker’s units and to make it difficult to funnel effectively. Like most other BH8 bases, you have your super defended Builder Hall core surrounded by the air defenses, crushers and those air bombs. If you’ve been attacked by those witch/baby dragon spammers you’ll know how important those air bombs can be. Source

4. BH8 Base Built by Base of Clans

4 bh8 base Base of Clans

I’ll be honest, I wanted to add this base just because it’s a spiral design- which I think is very unique and from what I can tell it’s still a solid base. The only thing that may not be optimal is the spacing of some towers. One of the main reasons you’d want to pack your towers closely together is because one tower’s range can overlap another’s range. This overlap in their combat range is just a DPS increase and why you’d want to keep your spacing as tight as possible in most cases. Source

5. BH8 Base Built by COC: The Warrior

5 bh8 base COC The Warrior

This base was one I almost didn’t add, but I believe it has a decent design or at least a good foundation. The one thing I’d say with this one is if you do use it and find yourself losing often, change it up. Change the building/trap placement, wall placement, swap things around and just experiment with it. Source

6. BH8 Base Built by Finite Gamer

6 bh8 base Finite Gamer

Finally we have this densely packed fortress of a base. As is becoming typical, we see the beefy core that has just about every tower and trap in/around it. Speaking of traps, I like the use of those sneaky springboards on the outside to potentially catch a couple units off guard. It’s also worth noting that this base isn’t completely sealed off with walls either, so you’ll get the added benefit of messing with the AI’s pathfinding. Source


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