Clash of Clans – Best BH9 Bases with Links

clash of clans best bh9 base designs anti everything with copy link

Ready to move into your brand new Builder Hall 9 base, clash fan? Well our scouts are back with some really amazing BH9 base designs that are sure to help you start winning some trophies. These bases are generally designed to be anti-1 star and counter nearly every attack strategy used at this level. As always, keep in mind these public bases aren’t bulletproof and if you find yourself losing frequently you should change up the design or try another base out!

Without further adieu, let’s see what BH9 bases we’ve lined up.

1 bh9 base Gaming With Akhil

This chunky base really takes fortifying the core of your base to new extremes- as it’s essentially just one big core. That being said, the design does use some clever gaps to create openings for the enemy units to walk through and right into a waiting trap or two. At the very least this should be a decent base to get you started out with. Source

2. BH9 Base Built by KINGDOM OF COC

2 bh9 base KINGDOM OF COC

At first glance the walls seemed almost casually placed down, but if you’re confused then that will mean your enemy will be too… probably. Regardless, it is doing everything else right- open design to confuse AI pathfinding and a super densely defended core. I’d recommend playing with trap positioning to maximize this BH9 base’s potential. Source

3. BH9 Base Built by crazy clashers

3 bh9 base crazy clashers

In a similar vein to the first this square shaped base uses much of the same base building techniques as the others, but it is completely sealed in by the walls. This one will probably handle ground attacks much more effectively because they’ll have to get through at least two layers of walls to really start doing damage. Overall, a very solid looking Builder Hall 9 base. Source

4. BH9 Base Built by DemonLord

4 bh9 base DemonLord

I love the zig-zagging corridor this base designer made by leaving a gap between the top and bottom half of the base. It has nice tight grouping of buildings to ensure a lot of overlapping ranges and it utilizes the rest of space very nicely. The only minor downside is you may find changing and customizing the design difficult due to the efficient space usage. Source

5. BH9 Base Built by AllClash

5 bh9 base allclash

Very clever use of walls and traps to create pathways to trick the enemy AI into while your towers pick them apart. Good use of space and the somewhat strange configuration of walls is a nice touch to make this base difficult to plan an attack against. Should be a decent base to push trophies with, although you may want to change the look of the base so people don’t recognize it easily. Source


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