Clash of Clans – Best TH10 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th10 base designs new

Hey there clash fans, congrats on reaching Town Hall 10! With this new level comes new attack strategies your base is going to have to repel, but lucky for you I’ve found some very nice TH10 bases for you to try out! Of course I always recommend that you use these bases as a rough guide to follow while you learn how to build your own awesome bases. You should get into the habit of moving traps and structures around, just so people don’t know exactly where your weak points are.

To get the most out of any base design, make sure you station some good units in your Clan Castle. Now let’s get started!

1 hybrid trophy base db

This base’s defenses are placed so there’re no blind spots or weaknesses. It effectively uses the “compartments” created by the walls to defend all the important bits, such as inferno towers and x-bows. As with any public base, you should change it up as you see fit to keep attackers guessing. An Electro dragon + balloon is recommended to put in your CC. Source

2. Trophy/Farm Base by roxxane

2 th10 trophy farm base

A cheeky little anti-three star trophy/farm base that does its job well- protecting storages and making your opponents suffer. According to the creator of this base, it has even defeated some TH11 attackers. Might be worth giving it a try if you find your storages are consistently getting destroyed and looted. Source

3. Hybrid Base by Base of Clans

3 hyrbid base base of clans

A well designed base that’s made to be a good all-rounder hybrid option. It can handle just about any Town Hall 10 attack strategy like Valks, Mass Dragon, LavaLoon and more. Do know that the storages are placed around the perimeter so they may get destroyed often. So if you’re not actively using/collecting the resources often, you may want to customize their position to suit your needs. Source

4. Trophy/Farm Base by TheChosenOne

4 trophy farm base TheChosenOne

This base caught my eye simply because it looked a bit strange, but it does have good base building practices. Great use of walls to compartmentalize the base as much as possible. Well protected storages and Town Hall and effective use of traps towers. Source

5. Trophy/Farm Base by Taahbelle

5 trophy farm base Taahbelle

This is a solid base that should be able to deal with nearly any TH10 attack plan out there. The storages and Town Hall are well secured with walls and defensive structures. Everything is well placed to maximize your defensive power. Great Anti Miner, Dragon, GoWiPe, GoBoWi, Lavaloon and more. A witch + baby dragon can be used for CC troops if you don’t have an electro dragon + balloon. Source

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