Clash of Clans – Best TH11 Bases with Links

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Hey there clash fans, ready for a base upgrade now that your Town Hall is level 11? Well as always, I have found some really fantastic options for you to try out. I’ve tried to keep this list as balanced as possible and I’ve tried to find TH11 bases for just about every purpose. So whether you’re looking for a War base or a Farm base, you should be able to find something to at least get you started!

These bases should generally be capable of dealing with most TH11 attack strategies. It’s considered best practice to customize and tinker with the base design, instead of just copying the layout and just using it as is.

1 th11 base war cwl augie

A wonderful anti-three star base that was specifically designed to deal with strategies such as: pekkasmash, QC hybrid and QC Lalo, sui lalo and most other zap strategies. The suggested CC troops are 1 baby dragon, 3 head hunters and 7 goblins. Source

2. Hybrid/Trophy Base by DarkBarbarian

2 th11 hybrid trophy base db

This spicy little compartment base uses all the walls to create boxes that will severely slow down enemy ground troops. All important defenses are protected properly and the core of the base is properly surrounded by many different towers/traps. 1 Electro Dragon and a balloon are recommended for the CC. Source

3. Trophy/Farm Base by AJAXClash

3 th11 trophy farm base AJAXClash

This nice looking fortress was created for farming resources and trophies alike. This base also has the side effect of causing your opponents to regret ever attacking you in the first place. Its well protected core is definitely not going to make getting even two stars likely. Source

4. Hybrid Base by Base of Clans

4 th11 hybrid base by base of clans

Another solid hybrid TH11 base that can definitely keep out those pesky thieves that are constantly coming after your dark elixir. It has good use of walls to create compartments, centered defenses to fortify the core and other important buildings. Make sure you put some troops in your Clan Castle to bolster your defenses. Source

5. Trophy/Farm Base by King Easir

5 th11 Trophy farm base King Easir

This strange looking design will definitely throw off some of your attackers, but it does its job of a trophy/farm base well. I would use this base just to see how attackers try and combat this one. Oh, but please make sure you do upgrade your walls eventually. Source

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