Clash of Clans – Best TH12 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th12 base designs war farming cwl trophy copy link

Welcome to our top TH12 base list and congrats on reaching level 12! This Town Hall level is quite special because now it will also serve as a defensive tower that will zap nearby enemies! This new level means attackers will have all kinds of new plans and strategies at their disposal. Fortunately for you we have found some really good bases to counter just about anything thrown at them.

If you have a base build with some replays to prove its strength, you may leave a comment down below. If it’s good we may add it and credit you!

1 th12 war cwl base martinez

This war machine was created by a pro to win a war, and it worked. The spacing and placement of everything is done with a purpose. At this Town Hall level a lot of super compact bases can be overwhelmed by something like electro dragons. Although, it can leave a base looking like a hoarder’s desktop background. Source

2. Hybrid/Trophy Base by Base of Clans

2 th12 hybrid trophy base of clans

This is definitely the nicest & cleanest looking bases on this list without being too compact. It’s designed to serve as a decent anti-three star base that can handle most meta TH12 attack plans. At TH12, you’ll see a lot of spam strategies being used by attackers simply because it’s effective and isn’t very difficult to pull off. Source

3. War/CWL Base by CallMeKayden

3 th12 war cwl base CallMeKayden

Another interesting war base that I would not like to have to try and three star. Designed to counter most attack strategies that are used at this level. The designer uses walls effectively split up enemy forces and prevent easy three stars. Source

4. Farm Base by Judo Sloth

4 th12 farm base judo sloth

A base that was created for (or at least endorsed by) a CoC veteran, Judo Sloth. This is a great base option for those of us that keep finding our resource storages have been plundered. Make sure you fill up your Clan Castle with your preferred combo too. Source

5. Hybrid/CWL Base by Stanlee Gaming

5 th12 hybrid cwl base stanlee gaming

A well built anti-three star base that can be used in many different situations. The defenses are placed expertly to counter attacks like mass electro dragon, all while allowing room for your storages. The key for most successful defenses at this level is trap placement. You should always change up your traps/structures to find what works best for you! Source

6. Trophy Base by Judo Sloth

6 th12 trophy base judo sloth

This base is utilizing walls to create compartments that serve a dual purpose. The first thing they do is shield our important buildings, but they also can funnel enemy units. And that big compartment at the bottom may just happen to have three multi-inferno towers sitting there waiting for something to melt. Don’t forget to fill up your CC, the recommended setup: 2 super minions, witch and archer fill. Source

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