Clash of Clans – Best TH13 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th13 base designs war farm cwl trophy with link

Wow, congratulations on reaching Town Hall level 13, that shows some real determination. I’d imagine you’re now ready for a new, fresh base design before the attackers start showing up to your front door again. Thankfully, I’ve managed to find some good options to pick from and remember you don’t have to use the bases as is, customize them and change them as you want! It’ll help you not only learn how to build a better base but also give you insights on how to better attack other players.

For CC troops at this level you can try:
2x Super Minion + 2x HH + Archer Fill OR Lava Hound + HH + Archer fill.
Now, let’s see some of these fantastic TH13 bases.

1 th13 war cwl base Stanlee Gaming

A very interesting and well-spaced out war base that’s designed to make getting three stars very difficult. You’ll definitely want to put some troops in your Clan Castle at these levels, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to. If you’re not sure what troops to put in your Clan Castle, you may try using Lava Hound + Head Hunter + Archers. Source

2. Trophy Base by Clash Guide Premier

2 th13 trophy base Clash Guide Premier

This one I find very interesting because nearly everything is outside of the main core except for the Town Hall and the infernos. Speaking of the core, it is extremely well fortified with walls and it’ll definitely make your opponents work for each star if they can even manage to get one. This one may be a little susceptible to e-dragon spammers. Source

3. War/Trophy Base by Osthir Gaming

3 th13 war trophy base Osthir Garming

Oh boy do I love to see some of these creative base designs especially when they’re made to try and lure the attacker’s units into some sweet traps. Please fill up your CC with some troops, just use your preferred combos. Oh and this should go without saying, but if you aren’t in a war or just trying to push trophies, you’ll want to pick a different base. Source

4. Hybrid Base by Base of Clans

4 th13 hybrid base of clans

I was a little on the fence on adding this base originally, but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. I’m not confident that this is the “strongest” base on the list, however I do believe it is a solid base with a broader range of uses than most. Just be careful of electro dragon enjoyers and space things out if you need to. Source

5. Trophy Base by Clash Guide Premier

5 th13 trophy base Clash Guide Premier

Just about every decently designed base at this level will look spaced out like this just to deal with all the people that attack just by spamming e drag. To get the most out of this base, or others on this list, always carefully watch your replays and move your traps around. Source

6. Farm Base by Clashing Dreams

6 th13 farm base Clashing Dreams

With space becoming more and more scarce it is getting harder to find space inside the walls to put your storages in without making your base susceptible to e-dragon attacks. That being said, If you’re looking for one then I think this one is definitely your best bet. The inferno towers clustered around the Town Hall is just so…*Chef’s Kiss* Source

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