Clash of Clans – Best TH5 Bases with Links

coc best th5 base layouts

In Clash of Clans a well defended and designed base can mean the difference between losing all your loot or actually gaining some trophies. However, not everyone has the time to sit down and come up with the best base layouts, so that’s where we come in.

We’ve scoured the internet looking for solid Town Hall Level 5 base designs to help you get started. You do not need to exactly copy a base as is, and instead you can draw inspiration from their designs. Feel free to customize the layouts as you see fit.

Now let’s see these great TH5 bases!

th5 trophy db

This is a great all-rounder for a base that excels at defending from a variety of attack strategies. It has a well protected Town Hall surrounded to protect against air units and ground units alike. This base will be quite difficult to three star for anyone in the same TH level bracket. Don’t forget to station some troops in your Clan Castle. Source

2. War/Trophy Base by Jazzy

th5 war jazzy

Another unique and thoughtfully crafted base design that ensures all of your structures are covered by some defensive structures. It’s also visually appealing and great at preventing three stars. Source

3. Trophy/Farm Base by Vlad

th5 farm base vlad

This design boasts some great defenses and good layout choice to prevent you from losing much of your resources during an attack. The creator also claims it is pretty much anti-everything meaning most attack strategies like air/giant spam won’t work. This makes it great for farming and even trophies. Source

4. Hybrid Base by

th5 hybrid base clasher

This base is effective at pretty much everything. It has a well protected Town Hall with good anti-air and defensive structure placement. This ensures it is capable of warding off most attacks especially spam attacks. Attackers will definitely have a challenge getting three stars with this one. Source

5. Trophy/Farm Base by David

th5 hybrid base david

This is a well designed base that should make it a nightmare for anyone to get three stars against. It has all the hallmarks of a good base- a well defended Town Hall and an effective use of walls. If you decide on this base, you should find yourself very well protected from any would-be attackers. Source

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