Clash of Clans – Best TH7 Bases with Links

coc best th7 base layout in clash of clans download link

Hey there clashers! I see you’ve made it to Town Hall level 7 and you’re looking to upgrade your base design! As always I have compiled a list of what I believe to be some really fantastic TH7 base design options for you all to try out! This list isn’t exhaustive and you can feel free to comment below on your favorite, if it isn’t on this list I may add it and credit you!

So, if you’re tired of watching your base get ransacked and you’re ready to watch your enemies struggle to get even one star, let’s get into the list.

1 th7 hybrid trophy baseofclans

This solid hybrid TH7 base is a great choice simply because it counters nearly anything thrown at it. Great anti-dragon, giants, healers and more. The design gets everything right. The strategic placement of all structures and a super defended Town Hall make it a nightmare to beat. Source

2. Hybrid/Trophy Base by DarkBarbarian

2 th7 hybrid trophy db

This beautifully designed base by DarkBarbarian is just another example of getting the most out of every square inch. The Town Hall is well fortified and the traps are placed thoughtfully. Make sure you don’t forget to place some troops in your Clan Castle. Source

3. Trophy/Farm Base by Dark Beast

3 trophy farm th7 by dark beast

To shake it up I’ve found this saucy little farm/trophy base designed by someone I haven’t heard of yet. Looking at the design, it seems very well put together, with no dead space or gaps in defenses. If you find your resource storages being wiped out frequently, this could be one design to definitely try. Source

4. Hybrid Base by DarkBarbarian

4 th7 Hybrid by db

This base design may look like a snowflake, but it definitely isn’t one when it comes to keeping your loot secure. As always the aesthetics never cease to impress me and the fact that the defenses of the base don’t suffer for it is even crazier. It has all the signatures of a great builder, overlapping defenses, well places traps and secure storages on top of looking nice. What more do you need? Source

5. Trophy Base by Ice Queen

5 th7 trophy by ice queen

While this Town Hall 7 base may not look the nicest from a visual standpoint, the defense structure / trap placement makes up for it. The storages are well protected along with the Town Hall, so your enemies will definitely have a fight on their hands dealing with this compound of doom. Source

6. Hybrid Base by DarkBarbarian

6 th7 hybrid db

Figured we’d wrap up this list with one more from the base artist himself. Great for dealing with pretty much all threats and the only way someone is going to three star this one is if they’re at a higher TH level than you. Even then, they’ll probably still struggle with this one!  Source

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