Clash of Clans – Best TH8 Bases with Links

clash of clans best th8 base design with download links

Congratulations on making it to Town Hall level 8! You’ll need to upgrade your old TH7 base design for a new, shiny TH8 one! Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy by finding the best TH8 base designs and compiling them in a nice little list. Of course you should try a few designs out and see which ones you prefer!

If you have your own base design you’d like to showcase, you can always leave a comment and I may include it in this list! (with credits of course)

Anyways, let’s see some of these terrific Town Hall 8 bases!

1 th8 hybrid trophy db

An awesome well-rounded and well defended base that can handle pretty much anything your opponent can throw at it. Great a dealing with giants, healers, dragon spam, LavaLoon and more. This design will have any other Town Hall 8 players regretting ever trying to attack you. Source

2. Trophy/Farm Base by kingkhan2011

2 trophy farm th8 base kingkhan2011

A very interesting base design that got the creator up to crystal league according to them! Good for dealing with giant/healer attacks and it’s also a good anti-hog rider design. So whether you’re trying to get to the next league or you’re just trying to farm some resources, this base kind of does it all. Source

3. Hybrid Base by Base of Clans

3 th8 hybrid trophy base of clans

A TH8 base that should comfortable handle most attack strategies that any other Town Hall 8 opponent can throw at it. Dragon, hog rider, GoWiPe and more. Everything is positioned in a way that will make it very difficult for anyone in your same level bracket to even one star.  Source

4. Trophy Base by kohenkroth46

4 trophy th8 base kohenkroth46

This anti-three star base apparently got its creator to Crystal 1 rank which is very impressive. The positioning on the defenses and gatherers/storages are very well thought out. Should be capable of repelling just about anything thrown at it. Source

5. War/Trophy Base by Cpt_N3m0

5 war trophy th8 base Cpt N3m0

A War base designed and even field tested by the creator in over 20 different wars. It has an anti-three star design with its defensive focus being on mainly anti dragon and hog riders. The storage placement does look a little strange, but if your goal is to have an anti-three star war base, then it definitely gets the job done!  Source

6. Hybrid Base by DarkBarbarian

6 th8 hybrid db

Figured I’d wrap up the list with one more by DB. This base, like every base I’ve seen from this creator is built with “anti-everything” in mind, and that lovely symmetry they’re known for. Great at handling valks, giants + wizards/healers and more. Source

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