How to Get Free Riot Points and More for League of Legends

how to get free unlimited free rp essence keys league of legends

Tired of the tiresome grind to get enough Riot Points to get that champion you’ve been dying to play? Tired of grinding for crafting materials to get a nice skin for your favorite character? If you could use some Free RP in Lol, you’ve come to the right place

I’ve listed all of the ways you can get free Riot Points in League of Legends below. If I’ve missed any methods, feel free to let me know in the comments.

If you’re new to LoL, check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks for League of Legends.

1. Champion Capsules

Once you reach level 5, you’ll start getting capsules each time you level up. These can be opened for a chance to get key frags, essence, shards, emotes and more.

champion capsules

2. Hextech Chests

These chests can contain the following:

  • 1820 RP or less Champion Skin Shard or Ultimate Permanent
  • 4800+ Blue Essence Champion Shard
  • Another chance of receiving both a Hextech Chest and Key

Hextech chests are given to you when you or a teammate earns an S rank in a match. They can be opened with Keys which you can acquire by finding and combining three hextech key fragments. You get the fragments by being an honorable player, however they are distributed randomly so be patient.

3. Missions

Missions are hit or miss when it comes to their rewards, so you’ll want to check them often to find ones that appeal to you. You can get essences from completing them and exp and usually they can be completed easily.

missions 1

Cheats / Hacks

This should go without saying, but never, EVER, download any files or install/run any application that claims to be able to “hack” the game.

Likely, these applications’ sole purpose is to keylog your computer, stealing your accounts and passwords. More malicious software will either destroy your computer or “borrow” your GPU/CPU by mining cryptocurrency in the background.

Our LoL RP Generator doesn’t require you to download or install anything, it doesn’t even need your password to work! If you’re interested, click Here.


Unfortunately there aren’t many ways to get those sweet free Riot Points without having to fork over cash. Thankfully, the game is fun enough to keep your interest even while you save up to finally buy/play that one champion you’ve had your eye on. If I’ve missed any method to get free rp, leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

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