How to Get Free V Bucks for Fortnite

how to get free v bucks in fortnite

Want to get your hands on some Free V Bucks for Fortnite? Well this guide will help you out! Below, you’ll find all the various ways to get Free V Bucks.

All the methods below are safe and legal, if you’re thinking about using cheats or hacks, read what he have to say about Fortnite Hacks Here.

If you’re new to Fortnite BR, check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks for Fortnite.

Save the World

Currently there is only one way to get free v bucks and that’s to buy and play Fortnite’s main game-mode “Save the World“. This was originally what the whole game was going to be about, at least it was all that was shown in the trailers.

That was until the Battle Royale fever took the world by storm, and epic games saw the profit potential. So for this list we’ll be breaking down a few ways to earn V Bucks in the Save the World game-mode.

1. Daily Login

This will be the easiest way to get free V Bucks, however you will need to log in daily and you won’t always be rewarded with v bucks.

daily login rewards

2. Daily Quests

Unlocked after advancing a certain amount in the main storyline, these daily quests offer V Bucks rewards just for completing them. They are similar to the daily missions in the Battle Royale mode and shouldn’t be very difficult to complete. You can only have a maximum of three quests available at one time and it’ll take a day for another one to be added.

daily quests

3. Storm Shield Missions

These are missions offered to you as you progress through the main quest. You can get upwards of 100 V bucks per shield mission and 150 on others.

storm shield missions

4. Side Quests

These can reward you with up to 150 free V Bucks, but not all side quests reward you with that sweet, sweet currency. Do these when you can, but don’t prioritize them early on.

side quests

5. Challenges

Challenges are a very nice way to earn free V Bucks as they can reward you up to 500 V Bucks per challenge. They each can be completed 10 times and give you 50 V Bucks each!


6. Events

These are found under the Quests tab. Events are held weekly and can reward you a wide variety of items including free V Bucks. Therefore you should check your quest tab often to stay informed on the current happenings of Fortnite.

events 1

Fortnite Cheats/Hacks

Never download or install any suspicious software on any of your devices, ever. Even if you’ve seen a video of it “working” for some stranger on the internet, doesn’t mean that it will work for you.

In fact, whatever they’re trying to get people to download will simply steal their accounts, personal info or more. Never give your password out to anyone.

Our Fortnite V Bucks Generator doesn’t require a password to work. There’s nothing to download or install either!


There are quite a few ways to get free V Bucks in Fortnite, and if you’re consistently working at it, you can accumulate a lot of V Bucks. Be sure to stay away from any “Hack”, “Cheat” or “Generator” that either requires you to download or install something or asks for your password.

If I’ve missed any way to get free V Bucks, let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

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