It’s recommended to use a mobile device when using out tools and generators whenever possible.

How to Use Our Tool:

1. Enter in your account’s username and click the connect button.
2. Select the amount of resources you want to generate.
3. Press the generate button and wait for it to finish.
4. Complete the easy human verification and you’re good to go! If you did it right you should be redirected to a thank you page.
5. Log in and be sure you received your resources, if you didn’t, please read our FAQ below.


Q: I didn’t get my resources, I did the verification and was redirected, is it broke?
A: In most cases this just means our servers were very busy when you used the generator and it placed your request in our queue. Your request should normally be fulfilled within about 1-2 hours- in rare cases 1-2 days. If you still haven’t received your items within a few days please contact us by filling out the form on our contact us page or try again.

Q: Is this real and does it even work?
A: Well there’s only one way for you to be sure, but yes it’s real. We wouldn’t put in so much effort for something that’s fake or broke. Many hours go/went into making our tools and getting the servers set up. Our custom Server Queue alone took almost 3 weeks to get fully functional.

Q: Will this get my account banned?
A: I cannot and will never guarantee your account won’t get banned, there’s always a risk of a developer releasing a patch to detect our generators. We update and test all of our tools almost daily to be sure they still work. You can rest assured that your account information is protected from hackers on our end thanks to our 256-bit packet encryption.

Q: Can you make a hack for <insert_game_here>?
A: We do not take requests and prefer to simply pick our next projects ourselves, sorry. We will most likely have the game you’re looking for hacked in the future, so check back frequently.

Q: Where/how can I donate to you?
A: While we appreciate the offer (seriously it’s amazing how many want to support our efforts), we will never take people’s money for this. It’s our passion for making great tools that fuels us, not money- plus most of us have full time jobs anyway!

Q: Why do the generators look so similar?
A: As I’ve said most of us have full-time jobs meaning it was simply easier to use a template to make things look nice and be functional. I would rather have an ugly or cloned interface than a program that doesn’t even work because we spent all our time making it look nice and unique.