How to Get Free Crystals for Summoners War


This guide was created to share all the various ways to get free Crystals for Summoners War. As new content is added or changed we will try to keep this guide updated as well. If we’ve missed anything or got something wrong, feel free to leave a comment below. Check out our Beginners Tips & Tricks for Summoners War as well.

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1. World Bosses

World bosses are events that all players can participate in and is unlocked after you complete a Dimensional Rift. 10-20 monsters can be selected to battle the world boss, but they have to be level 30 minimum. You’re graded based on the amount of damage you deal to the boss and once the boss is “dead” you will receive rewards based on your grade. The world boss respawns every 6 hours, but can only be completed by you 3 times per day. Once you send in a monster, it cannot be used again until the next boss spawns. You can earn upwards of 320 Crystals every time, so make sure you use your most powerful monsters + runes.

2. Trials of Ascension

You’ll be rewarded with a nice amount of crystals when you complete certain stages on your selected difficulty. For example, on stage 80 (normal) you will be rewarded with 300 crystals for completing it. You can get crystals on both normal and hard difficulties so it’s worth it to keep trying to climb. You also get crystals every 5 stages that you complete!

3 Rivals PVP

Rivals is a tab located in the Arena menu that you’re matched with as you progress and play the game. Beating them rewards you with glory points and crystals, so always be sure to check for Rivals daily.

4. Arena Rewards

These weekly rewards go to the players who participate in PvP, and the better you rank, the better the reward. Starting out, you shouldn’t expect anything special, but as you progress and get more powerful this can be an excellent way to get crystals.

5. Login Rewards

Every day that you log into the game you will receive your login bonus for that month. Some of these days include more juicy rewards including free crystals, so even if you can’t play that day, it’s worth it just to log in and collect the reward.

6. Daily Mission

You can get 10 free crystals just for doing your daily missions, so be sure to do those if you can spare the energy. If not, you may want to wait until mid-late game.

7. Events

Summoners War hosts random events fairly consistently and they’re random. You should always check them to see if any appeal to you, some of them can net you tons of free crystals and other goodies.

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