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League of Legends has quickly grown to become the most popular MOBA of its time. They keep adding content including skins, champions and more, but unless you’re loaded with money, you can’t buy everything you want to. That’s where our League of Legends Generator comes in!

With our Free League of Legends Generator you can get unlimited free RP, Keys, Chests & Essence! To start using it, just share this via the widget below and click the button that appears.

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is an insanely popular MOBA game developed by Riot Games. If you play video games then chances are you have heard of League, it’s usually always the most streamed game on twitch, with their tournaments sometimes pulling over 500k viewers!

It has a few forms of currency in the game, RP (Riot Points), Hextech Chests / Keys and Orange and Blue Essences.

RP can only be bought with real money and is can be used to buy anything from new champions to play, skins for those champions, chests/keys, runes and rune/mastery pages.

Essences can be acquired by disenchanting certain shards and by playing the game.

The chests and keys can be found randomly by playing, although the player will only find key shards and will need 3 shards to make a key. Inside the chests can be anything from champions, skins and other crafting materials.

The average player has been reported to spend over $200 on this free game alone and every time a new champion or skin is released, players shell out more and more money.

But with our League of Legends Tips and tools you can skip the grind and get straight to the fun parts without spending a penny! Get all the free RP, Keys, Chests & Essence you’ll need to dominate!

How our League of Legends Generator Works

In order to protect our generators and services we cannot provide specifics on how our tools work. If we did, that would not only make it easy for the developers to fix, effectively killing our tools, but it would also compromise the security of our users.

Many vulnerabilities let us send unassuming data packets to the target server and manipulate account resource values. This lets us safely generate unlimited RP, keys, chests and essence. Because it’s handled server-side, the amounts shown are valid and real. If you used any data manipulating tool client-side you’ll know what we mean by that.


  • No Files or Passwords – our LoL generator doesn’t require any passwords or files to be downloaded in order to work. You simply provide the account name or email (if required) and that’s it!
  • Custom Server Queue – this system helps with high amounts of traffic and server load by taking your request and placing it in our queue. Once it’s your turn, your request is processed and your items are sent to the specified account.
  • 256-bit Encryption – protects your activity on the website and in-game to ensure that you won’t get banned.
  • Responsive Design – means you can use our tools on any device and anywhere that has an internet connection!
  • Live Chatroom – talk with other users in real-time or just watch the banter from afar, just make sure to keep it friendly. There are the basic rules in place and our mods may ban you without warning.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please read our help page. Happy generating!