League of Legends Hack – Free RP, Keys, Chests and Essence

League of Legends is an insanely popular MOBA game developed by Riot Games. If you play video games then chances are you have heard of League, it’s usually always the most streamed game on twitch, with their tournaments sometimes pulling over 500k viewers! It’s probably one of the most (if not the most) popular PC/Mac game currently out and it’s completely free to play. It has a few forms of currency in the game, RP (Riot Points), Hextech Chests / Keys and Orange and Blue Essences. RP can only be bought with real money and is can be used to buy anything from new champions to play, skins for those champions, chests/keys, runes and rune/mastery pages. Essences can be acquired by disenchanting certain shards and by playing the game. The chests and keys can be found randomly by playing, although the player will only find key shards and will need 3 shards to make a key. Inside the chests can be anything from champions, skins and other crafting materials. The average player has been reported to spend over $200 on this free game alone and every time a new champion or skin is released, players shell out more and more money. What if you don’t have that kind of money lying around to be spent on champions, skins and runes? Well you have come to the right place because we have finally released our FREE League of Legends RP, Chest, Key and Essences Hack. It’s free to use, updated daily, requires no downloads, passwords or personal information to work (besides your username of course!). If you’re interested, keep reading to learn more about our program or click Here.

Our Free League of Legends Hack

This League of Legends hack was built from the ground up using our core code as a base. Our team works full-time jobs, but they graciously dedicate their spare time to developing our hack tools. For most of us it’s a passion project, so we’re more than happy to help and we think you’ll see the difference in quality when using our services compared to other “hacks” out there that don’t even work. We only had one guiding rule, everything we made would be 100% free, permanently. So if you want some real free RP, Chests, Keys or Essences for League of Legends, you’re in the right place!


League of Legends Hack Features

  • RP, Chests, Keys, Blue and Orange Essence Generation- Use the sliders to select how many of each of these resources you want and hit that generate button. No hassle, no fuss, just free unlimited resources, say goodbye to the grind!
  • Unpatchable- We ensure our hacks stay operational 24/7, or at least as close to it as we can manage. We even go to the trouble of updating our League of Legends Hack daily. This ensures that if a new update/patch has been released, our tool will still work as intended. We do it all in hammer pants as well!
  • Encryption – We utilize 256-bit data packet encryption to conceal your activity while using our League of Legends generator. This not only protects your account from League of Legends/Supercell staff, but it also stops keeps hackers out.
  • Portability and Usability – Our responsive design means that you can use our free League of Legends Hack anywhere and on any device! We also test our tool on all supported devices/platforms ensuring it works regardless of which device they play on.
  • Custom Server Queue – Our servers and database are completely custom! Unlike other “generators” out there whose server breaks when they reach max capacity, we have a custom “Queue” system! This means that even when our servers are under heavy load, whatever you’ve generated (and validated successfully) are safe and secure! The queue will simply send your request through once it’s your turn and you’ll get your desired resources! There’s no need to have to re-generate / validate! Our system isn’t completely perfect. If you don’t get your items within 24 hours, you’ll want to try again and let us know via our contact page.

League of Legends Hack Free RP / IP

Using our League of Legends Hack

We have a very simple help page with a FAQ here. I’ll briefly describe the steps you’ll need to take to use our League of Legends generator hack. First thing you’ll need is League of Legends downloaded for either PC or MAC. Make sure your internet connection is stable *recommended: Ethernet cable connection* and head on over to our hack’s page here you can use a computer or mobile device/tablet for this. Now just enter in your League of Legends Username, select the platform that you play on and select the region your account is located on! Once that’s done, select the amount of RP, Hextech Chests, Hextech Keys, Blue Essence and Orange Essence you want and hit the “Generate” button. Once the generator finishes processing your request you will need to verify you’re human. You’ll do this by taking ONE short survey, 1-2 minutes long.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “No way I’m doing that, why do I got to do that instead of just filling in a Captcha?”. We tried that in the early stages, but with poor results. It took one full day to make a bot that would bypass any Captcha and flood our servers with thousands of requests per second.  We built the test bot on some preexisting bot code. This is the only sure way to keep those pesky bots out while letting real people use our services.

Once you’ve completed the human verification, your request gets sent to our server queue handler which places it where it needs to be. Your request goes in to the queue or directly to one of our hack servers for processing! That’s it, log in and check if your resources have been added, if not you can safely assume your request is in our queue. Unless your connection was unstable or something weird happened, your resources will find their way into your account eventually!

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