Pokemon Go: Wurmple Evolution Guide

wurmple evolution guide how to evolve wurmple to beautifly or

Wurmple can ultimately evolve into either a Beautifly or a Dustox, but how can we know which we’ll get in the end? Well unfortunately there’s no trick we can use here like Eevee’s name trick to guarantee what Pokemon Wurmple will evolve into.

So how do we evolve Wurmple into one of the two desired forms? Let’s find out!

How to Evolve Wurmple into Beautifly or Dustox

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Let’s go over the steps and items required to start evolving your Wurmple! Remember, this is all just a random chance

Wurmple’s first evolution costs 12 candies will always result in either a Silcoon or a Cascoon. This is random (50/50) and you’ll have to rely on luck to get your desired evolution.

The second evolution costs 50 candies and the outcome will result as follows:

  • Silcoon evolves into Beautifly.
  • Cascoon evolves into Dustox.

Just to recap, so there’s no confusion. Wurmple’s evolution outcome is 50/50 and you’ll get either a Silcoon or a Cascoon. The the evolution path looks like this: Wurmple > Silcoon > Beautifly OR Wurmple > Cascoon > Dustox. The total cost for each final evolution will be 62 Wurmple candies.

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