PUBG Mobile Generator – Free UC & BP

Use our Free PUBG Mobile Generator to get unlimited Unknown Cash (UC) & Battle Points(BP)! No downloading, apks or passwords required to work! If you want free UC & BP this generator is the tool for you. Generate all the free unknown cash and battle points without paying a single penny.

To use our PUBG Mobile generator, just share this page via the widget below and follow the button that appears.

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What is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer, battle royale game for both Android and iOS. You start the game in a plane and can pick a point to jump and then parachute down to specific locations in order to start looting. You then gear up and fight or hide in an attempt to be the last player/group alive. 

Players can customize their character’s outfits, weapon skins and more by purchasing them from the shop. In order to buy the cosmetics, you need Unknown Cash (UC), which typically can only be bought with real money.

What is Unknown Cash?

Unknown Cash is PUBG Mobile’s in-game currency used to buy weapon skins, outfits, crates and more from the shop. This currency is generally only obtained by purchasing it with real money. Some players spend thousands of dollars on UC to customize their characters and items. With our generator, you can get free UC and BP without needing to buy anything.

How much Free UC & BP Can I Generate?

You can generate up to 100k Unknown Cash and 1 million Battle Points per day. Depending on how many people are using the PUBG Mobile generator, you will be able to generate more or less than once per day. 

You will not be limited on how much UC or BP you can generate in total. It’s recommended that you simply visit every day or so to generate more. This will help keep the tool from being overburdened with generation requests.

How our PUBG Mobile Generator Works

We cannot disclose exactly how any of our generators work, as that would allow them to be patched. To put it simply, we send some very small packets of data to the target server which allow us to change your account’s UC & BP values. By using our generator, you’ll be able to spend your free UC & BP as if you had bought it with money. 

If you use any proxy, adblocking software or don’t have JavaScript enabled, you will not be able to generate your unknown cash or battle points. Before you use the tool be sure you don’t have a proxy or adblocking software running- and ensure your JavaScript is running. 

Free PUBG Mobile Hacks / Cheats / APKs?

Be aware that any website that wants you to download / install anything is most likely attempting to steal your private information. APKs are essentially private servers or cracked game clients which cannot connect to the official game servers. So while you may have unlimited currency, you will not be able to play online with users who have the valid game client. This should go without saying, but never give your password out to anyone, ever.

This is what sets our tool apart from other cheats/generators. Firstly, you don’t have to give us your password or install anything. Furthermore can all be done from your phone and only takes a couple minutes! In conclusion this is the easiest way to get free UC and BP for PUBG Mobile.


  • No Files or Passwords – our PUBG Mobile generator doesn’t require any passwords or files to be downloaded in order to work. You simply provide the PUBG Mobile account name or email (if required) and that’s it!
  • Custom Server Queue – this system helps with high amounts of traffic and server load by taking your request and placing it in our queue. Once it’s your turn, your request is processed and your items are sent to the specified account.
  • 256-bit Encryption – protects your activity on the website and in-game to ensure that you won’t get banned.
  • Responsive Design – means you can use our tools on any device and anywhere that has an internet connection!
  • Live Chatroom – talk with other users in real-time or just watch the banter from afar, just make sure to keep it friendly. There are the basic rules in place and our mods may ban you without warning.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please read our help page. Happy generating!