Shindo Life Codes [August 2022] Get Free Spins, RELL Coins & More

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These free Shindo Life codes are a fantastic way to power up your character, unlock new bloodlines, elements and more! If you’ve never played Shindo Life, it’s based on the popular manga/anime, Naruto. The way you determine what element & bloodline your character has, is by spinning and hoping that luck is on your side. These bloodlines and elements determine what abilities your character has, and thus how strong you are.

That’s what makes these codes for Shindo Life so great, you get more free chances to get an ultra-rare bloodline or element. If you don’t get lucky on your spins, you’ll at least get some free RELL coins with most Shindo codes.

Latest Shindo Life Codes

Last Checked: August 6, 2022

  • onlyTeemWeelTeel! — Redeem for RELL Coins and Spins
  • rahwomen! – 100 Spins, 10,000 RELLcoins
  • muyHungerb0i! – 50 Spins, 5,000 RELLcoins
  • verryHungry! – 50 Spins, 5,000 RELLcoins
  • ShoyuBoyu! – 25 Spins, 3,500 RELLcoins

If we’ve missed any codes or you find a Shindo code is no longer working, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

How to Use Codes for Shindo Life

  • Launch Shindo Life.
  • Navigate to the character customization/edit screen. To do this, simply hit the up arrow above the “play” button, it should change to “EDIT”, just click that. (See image below)

how to redeem shindo life codes step 1

  • Once on the edit screen, you should see a “YouTube Codes” box in the top-right of the screen. Just paste the code in there and you’re good to go.

how to redeem free shindo life codes step 2

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